Comprehensive analysis of the Swiss Hublot Replica help you command

Born in 1980 years, Hublot is the first Swiss top watch brand to fuse precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials, The birth of the Watch is a revolution in the wrist, both from watchmaking and from the unique aesthetic concept of the wristwatch. Today, a cousin brought to you a big BANG series of watches, its exquisite design, and the extraordinary reliable watchmaking process also makes the large Bang meter series of watches become one of the hottest watches. Below is the Swiss Hublot Replica overall comparison.

Swiss Hublot Replica
Swiss Hublot Replica

From the Swiss Hublot Replica Overall view, wrist watch reduction is still very high, the ratio of the case and Radian control is very accurate, dial digital font and size is no different, the big difference is that the genuine red to be more gorgeous some, in addition to color differences, other do are very good oh. Positive contrast: The use of the ceramic frame, sapphire mirror, dial scale, number, letter signs, and other details are in accordance with the authentic 1:1 reduction. As the genuine red to be more bright, in the specular reflection, so the genuine whole dial looks to be redder. Mirror contrast: the V6 version of the same as genuine use is the sapphire material mirror, the front for a perspective can be seen and authentic as the effect of sapphire coating mirror, transparent and bright. Head contrast: The head thickness and structure and polishing are consistent with the genuine, the details of the control are very good. You can see the rolled rim edge and the exposed screws (the exclusive H -shaped screw head), nowhere to reflect the Hublot brand design concept.

Swiss Hublot Replica side contrast: From the side of Swiss Hublot Replica can be seen the thickness of the wristwatch and authentic almost completely consistent, each part of the details and authentic keep synchronized, very meticulous. Shell: The essence of the BigBang Watch is the case, the perfect combination of ceramics and steel used in this great explosion. V6 version Edge radian grasp of precision in place, polishing and grinding process with the same movement compared to the original: the genuine use of the production HUB 4300 Chronograph function movement, V6 Factory is Shanghai 7750 refitting machine, the same function with the original, the appearance of the movement is roughly the same, the genuine movement polished very delicate, and do have a scale pattern grinding design, and the engraved version did not. There is the back cover lettering, authentic lettering color black, the compound is the use of red lettering. Strap contrast: Black in line with the public aesthetic, the grid lines with the red line, giving a sense of a tall fashion, the following figure contrast can be seen authentic crocodile texture more than a chip. Clasp comparison: Folding clasp, outside of the brand English LOGOengraved. V6 compared to genuine, the brightness of authentic is relatively dim, and the duplicate is more bright. In addition to the literal red scale, V6 version of the whole do is still very good,Hublot Big Bang as a lot of young people love the object, the use of color design is bold and unified, will bring you a charming and distinctive temperament, with you into one, Unrestrained domineering, let you experience and time of the competition to feel the joy of life.

Below we bring you the Swiss Replica Hublot Watch’s appearance cleaning skills. The case and the table glass device, the casing upper frame and the back cover are connected with the dust can be removed by the hard brush. The case on the box and the back cover thread buckle of the dust can be by virtue of Liu Mallet tick, showing rust can be fine needle thread scraping tick, handle head tube sticky grease still use willow stick to tick, after eradication of the thread buckle and handle head tube to add some silicone fat. Table glass inside and outside table and back cover, internal and external table can be used humidity suitable for cleaning special solution wipe if there is fiber can be blown dust ball blowing. Luminous dial needle should not be soaked in gasoline, clamp or blow brush should be wary of the luminous powder off. Other gold-plated, silvery-hands in the fur before washing in a few pieces will add the finish of the Lost needle. In addition to the enamel dial, now more use of night smooth, silver noodles, gold literal, flashing surface and colorful face dial should not be dipped in gasoline, or maintenance film will start peeling, the fraction will fall. If there are dust and fiber on the dial, it can be blown with dust ball and soft hair brush. The mottled and pan color on the dial is not suitable to wipe with flannel, more can not hard wipe hard, otherwise, it will make pan copper and influence beautifully. The grease on the reverse side of the dial can be rubbed with some petrol in a flannel. The clean dial should place the dial face up, avoid Hublot Replica Swiss and other parts, and then cover with a dust cover to maintain it.

Swiss Replica Hublot Watches The appearance has scratches how to do? As the surface of the surface of the process, there are essentially two: polished and sand, perhaps both, repair the scratches on the watch case, but also in accordance with the original process to do, a large area of the Mao road wear, relatively good to do, but if there are a relatively deep hard scratches, it is necessary to troublesome, because whether it is polished or perhaps sand method, is not enough to grind such scratches. The depth scratches on the case or on the strap should be focused on the parts first with the oil stone. This needs to be carried out under a magnifying glass, with the intention of evenly grinding the scratches, and when the scratches have been sharpened, select the appropriate granularity of sandpaper, along the original pull sand texture to grind, generally this texture is the dial as the center of the radial, so, this is a careful life, to a little bit of, grinding out the role will be good to vivid. Claims that the use of abrasive paper jewelry for the type of occupation, preferably imported, such as the German warrior brand water sandpaper.