The difference between real watches and replica watches

Watches in modern times are not just a simple timing tool, but men can show their own economic strength, but also reflect their own tastes, subtle but not unassuming, knocking out the benefits, giving you unlimited grace, temperament, and confidence. The most famous watch in the watch is the replicas Hublot watches, which is world-renowned for its precision, durability, reliability, and fashion. However, in the market, there are a large number of counterfeit and shoddy products. In order to prevent everyone from being deceived, let me introduce how to identify the true and false Swiss replica watches.

replica watches
replica watches

Swiss watch true and false identification Check the appearance of the watch
Swiss watch appearance can be checked from the case, surface glass, dial, hands. The Swiss replica watches case should be angularly symmetrical, without scratches and blisters, and the back cover and case should be tightly screwed together. The position of the two pairs of holes in which the strap spring is installed should be centered and not biased, and the depth is appropriate so that the table spring is not easy to fall off. The surface glass should be smooth and transparent, without scratches and defects; it is really blue, and the color is colorless! The plating of the dial and the hands should be bright. The process of the hands is the most telling problem in the identification of the watch. The hands of the fake watch are rarely done well, such as the hanging of the needle flag, the needle is not flat, the brightness is not good, the needle is The edges and corners are not clear. The minute and second tick marks and the luminous points of the dial are intact.
Hands: The process of the hands is the most telling problem in the identification of the watch. The hands of the fake watch are rarely done well. For example, the needle flag is suspended under the needle, the needle is not flat, the brightness is not good, and the corners of the needle are not clear. The original Swiss needle surface is very bright and very flat. The shape is regular and slender (especially the second hand). The night on the needle and the color on the dial is the same.
Dial: The most important thing to look at is the dial, including the characters on the dial, and whether the hour, minute and second hand are plated like a mirror. The letters and lines on the dial should be black and bright. The staff of the Wuhan pawnshop said that All the fake watches are not doing well at this point. If the dial is diamond-studded, without exception, fake Swiss watches are not used for natural diamonds; there is also a Swiss Breitling replica called “bark pattern” dial, the fake watch does not do the most, because it can’t do that The effect of the horizontal and vertical staggered pattern is provided.
Mirror: The watch is generally made of sapphire crystal (except for old and antique watches). With the advancement of technology, fake watches have begun to follow suit. The fake watch is also easy to see with a sapphire crystal, because the fake watch will not be coated with an anti-reflection layer on the mirror in order to reduce the cost, let alone the double-layer coating, so the reflection under the light is serious, although the dripping is not, but the dripping is not, but It only needs to be illuminated by ultraviolet light, and the reflection is extremely serious. Because of the anti-reflection coating, the real watch has no reflection under strong light and has purple or blue glare.
Back cover: It is easier to look at the Swiss watch back cover, the back cover has lettering, including the brand, case, case material, model, production serial number and so on. The back cover letters and patterns are very deep and clear, the strokes are “skinny” and the fonts are small. The fake ones have large strokes, different shades, unsightly layout, and blurred logo.
Strap: There are more letters and patterns on the strap. The watch is deep and clear. The fake watch will usually be stamped and connected into a pile. There is no obvious convexity and concavity, including the K gold section, and the strap edge is also chamfered. Pay attention to the shape of the strap of the Swiss watch (elastic ear), this is specially made, the fake watch is casually used ordinary style; pay attention to the shape of the strap of the Swiss watch elastic connecting plug (ear ear), this is specially made The fake watches are all casual styles. There is an eye (pit) on the end of the elastic connecting bolt at the discount position of the strap. This is the same as the Rolex watch, and the fake watch is not; pay attention to the shape of the strap of the Fake Hublot Watches For Sale. This is a special one. The fake watches are casually used in ordinary styles; the heads exposed by the studs are very regular and round, and the fake watches often do not care about this detail, leaving traces of frustration.

replica Watch details
replica Watch details

Swiss watch true and false identification Check watch sensitivity
The sensitivity of a Swiss watch is the sooner or later the watch’s balance wheel starts. If the unwinded watch is shaken gently, the second hand will stop quickly after starting, or only the second and third springs will be started, and the second hand will start to move, indicating the sensitivity of the replica swiss watches. High-frequency fast (pendulum) watches because of the stiffness of the hairspring, it takes a few more seconds to move around, this is a normal phenomenon, not sensitive.
Swiss watch true and false identification Check the performance of the clock on the watch
When a normal Swiss watch is wound, the hand should feel tight and loose. When it is not moving, the spring is full. The abnormal sound of “za, a” when the string is above, or the phenomenon of slippage caused by the arbor, all indicate that there is something wrong with the winding.

replica swiss watches
replica swiss watches

Swiss watch true and false identification Check the gap and mutual position of the hands
Between the Swiss watch hands, the dial and the watch, there should be a certain gap between the three needles of an hour, minute and second. They should not rub each other, otherwise, it will affect the movement. Set the hour and minute hands to three positions, three points, six points, nine points, twelve points, etc. When three or nine points, the two needles should be at right angles; when at six points, the two needles are in a straight line; When at twelve o’clock, the two needles should be twisted together. If this is not the case, the position of the minute hand and the hour hand is incorrectly installed.

replica watch
replica watch

Swiss watch true and false identification Check the tightness of the Swiss watch when rotating with the minute hand
The minute hand and the hour hand are continuously rotated for 12 hours. For example, in each position of twelve hours, the minute hand and the hour hand have no obvious loose or tight feeling, indicating that the needle portion of the watches replica is properly installed.

Swiss watch true and false identification Check the sound of Swiss watches when they walk
Put a few chords on the watch and listen to the sound when it moves. For example, the sound is even and clear, and there is no noise. This shows that there is no big problem in this watch because the quality of the watch is mainly based on the accuracy of the actual walking time instead of pressing it. The sound is good or bad, so listening to the sound can only make a rough estimate of the quality of the watch.